Scheduling an A/B Split Test

There are three ways to manually send distributions: send/schedule email, metered send, and A/B split test.

An A/B split test sends the email to a random sample of the recipients to test two or more variables, such as subject line or email content. Once the winner is determined, it will be distributed to the remainder of the mailing list or segmentation. The winning email can be metered, or set not to send, so the samples can be sent to the entire list.

NOTE: If a seed list is applied in the distribution, the recipients on the seed list will be mixed in with the list recipients and could receive the email in the sample distributions or the distribution of the winning email.

To schedule an A/B Split

  1. Go to Campaign Manager > Send/Schedule Campaign. This will display the Send/Schedule page with the sending options on the left.
  2. Choose A/B Split on the left. This will display the page Send/Schedule Email page with a form to set up the distribution. Fill out the fields:
    • Select Data Source: Choose whether the data source is a Mailing List or Segmentation, then select the data source from the drop-down menu. the Quick Count will display below with the current number of Active subscribers in the data source.
    • Is this a test? Choose if the email is a test. (Tests are limited to 50 subscribers, the word "Test:" is inserted into the subject line, and tests can include just the HTML version, just the plain text version, or both.)
    • Profile Update Action: Choose a Profile Update Action if any have been saved for this data source (optional).
    • Add Another Data Source: Click here to add another Mailing List or Segmentation to the distribution.
    • Use a suppression list? Choose Yes to include a Suppression List.
    • Use a seed list? Use a seed list if necessary.
    • Physical Mailing Address: Choose the Physical Mailing Address to use in the email. Click + to open a pop-up window to add a new one, then click the arrow under the menu to refresh.
    • Select Campaign: Select the Campaign Series for the Distribution Report to be stored in. Click + to open a pop-up window to add a new one, then click the arrow under the menu to refresh.
    • Select % of the list to sample: Choose what percentage of the list the test emails will be sent to.
    • Auto-Send a Winner: Keep this checked to send the winning email to the remainder of the list. Unchecking this box will send the test samples to recipients but will not pick a winner or send the winning email. If unchecked, the sample size can be increased to 100%.
    • Decision: If sending a winner, choose to select the winner based on clicks, opens, forwards, social media shares or clicks, or conversion (highest % or most unique.)
    • Send Winner After: Enter the amount of time to wait before selecting and sending the winning email.
    • Save Send Details From Above: Choose to save the above send details by clicking the checkbox and naming the send for future use. (optional)
    • Add Test Cases: To add an email creative to the test, click here and then select the email creative from the drop-down menu that appears below, then edit the Subject, Preheader, From Address, and Reply-To Address as desired. Click the + by the Email Creative drop-down menu to add a different variation of the Subject, Preheader, From Address, and Reply-To Address to test, or click Add Test Cases to add another email to test.
    • Optional Launch Date and Time (Eastern US Time Zone): Leave this blank to send the email now.
    • Social Integration: Set up Social Integration to also share this email on social networks. (optional)
    • Delivery Notifications: Enter an email address to receive a notification by email when this distribution has completed.
    • Spam Check: Choose whether or not to check the email for spam indicators before sending.
  3. Click Send Email. This will display a window to confirm the distribution.
  4. Confirm the settings and click Submit to schedule the email.

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