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  • New View in Browser Snippets

    Posted by BSF / on 04/29/2011 / 1 Comment

    Categories: Tips

    By now you are likely familiar with the View in Browser snippet, which lets the subscriber click a link in the email to see the content in their browser.  This is a great feature to add to your emails to help with readability (especially on mobile devices) and it's come to be expected by subscribers in their emails.  Today we added two new snippets to accompany that function: the View in Browser (no web version) snippet and the Hidden From Web Version snippet.

    The View in Browser (no web version) snippet will let you include the View in Browser (VIB) link ..

  • The Best Part of Landing Pages

    Posted by BSF / on 02/10/2011 / 0 Comments

    Categories: Tips

    Click image to continue!

    This comic features Jessica Lowe from our CSM team.  This is Jess' last week at Blue Sky Factory and we will all miss her greatly!

  • Why Templates are Like Muffins

    Posted by BSF / on 02/07/2011 / 1 Comment

    Categories: Tips

    I like muffins.  You can start with the same basic recipe and make almost infinite substitutions for the add-ins.  Blueberries, bananas and walnuts, chocolate chip and peanut butter (a personal favorite of our own Amy Garland!). The only limit is your imagination, but the basic recipe remains the same.

    Just like templates in Publicaster! In Publicaster a template is like a basic muffin recipe, while a finished email is like a delicious lemon and poppy seed muffin: full of new content (and poppy seeds).  The template is the basic shell from which all new emails can start.

    Templates are saved in ..

  • Inbox Preview: See Your Emails Rendered in Nearly Any Inbox

    Posted by BSF / on 12/17/2010 / 1 Comment

    Categories: Tips

    Did you know that you can see how your email will render in nearly any inbox right inside of your Publicaster account, and even see how it will render on a selection of different smart phones? Our Inbox Preview feature allows you to do just that.

    The Inbox Preview section is found in the Creative Manager. Click the Render Email button and you'll be able to select your email and then choose up to twenty different items from a list of over 90 different inboxes and configurations. This list includes all of the most common computer inboxes as well as all ..

  • A/B Split Testing by Subject

    Posted by BSF / on 11/17/2010 / 0 Comments

    Categories: Tips

    Have you ever wanted to know what subject line would get the most subscribers to open an email? A/B Split testing is an easy, no-risk way you can test different subject lines against your own subscribers and make sure that your distributions are using the most effective subject lines.

    An A/B split test lets you test out an email with several different subject lines to a small sample of your list, making sure that the same number of subscribers get each different subject line. Then it waits a specified period of time as it records the reporting from these sample distributions. ..

  • Making a Mobile Version

    Posted by BSF / on 11/04/2010 / 0 Comments

    Categories: Tips

    For subscribers who may be viewing your emails on mobile devices, you can create a simpler version of your email called the Mobile Version. Some mobile devices are not able to render complex HTML emails very well, which can cause your email to look broken. The Mobile Version allows you to create a simpler version of your emails that you can link to from your regular emails, giving mobile device users the opportunity to view your email in a way that will good on their device.

    To create a mobile version, just click the Mobile Version button above the editor when ..

  • Google Analytics Tracking: Using it Everywhere?

    Posted by BSF / on 10/05/2010 / 0 Comments

    Categories: Tips

    Anywhere in Publicaster that you can include a link, you can have Google Analytics (GA) tracking added to it automatically. This goes not only for emails, but for Landing Pages and Public Pages as well. If you have a GA enabled site and you include GA tracking on all your links in Publicaster, your GA account will show everyone who clicked-through these links and track what email or page they came from. There is even a special reporting section in Publicaster that can be linked to your Google Analytics account to show both Publicaster and Google Analytics reporting side by ..

  • Facebook Features: Are you using them all?

    Posted by BSF / on 09/07/2010 / 0 Comments

    Categories: Tips

    There is a strong chance that, right now, one of your subscribers is reading one of your Publicaster emails while also logged into Facebook. These days, it seems everybody is on Facebook all the time. As Facebook has become more influential, we've developed a number of features that integrate Facebook with Publicaster, making sure that you can get every possible benefit from the most popular social media network in the world. You probably know about a few of these, but in case you missed one, here are all of our Facebook-related features in one spot:

    Opting In: Opt-In Forms on Facebook ..

  • Landing Pages Are Now Available!

    Posted by BSF / on 08/19/2010 / 1 Comment

    Categories: Tips

    The Landing Page Manager, a much-anticipated new feature, allows you to create a landing page right in Publicaster as easily as you can create an email.

    Available inside the Creative Manager, the Landing Page Manager is much more than just a convenient way to create and host a page to link to from your email, or anywhere else. You can create a page that has all the features of Publicaster email as well as all the benefits of a regular web-page.

    Landing pages can include:

    • personalization (even full dynamic content)
    • Share With Your Network
    • our new Facebook Like feature
    • embedded ..
  • New Requirement: Opt-Out Snippet

    Posted by BSF / on 02/26/2010 / 0 Comments

    Categories: Tips

    This April Blue Sky Factory is putting another new requirement into place: the Opt-Out snippet.  Starting on April 8th 2010, all emails that go out through Publicaster will require an opt-out snippet in both the HTML and plain text versions of the email in order to send it. This requirement is to help you remember to include a working opt-out mechanism in all emails, which is a requirement for CAN-SPAM compliance.

    There are three snippets that can be used in emails to meet this requirement: Global Opt-Out, List Unsubscribe, or Subscriber Preferences.  All of the links include an option to ..


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