April 2010 Publicaster Update

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A new Publicaster release was launched this month, and we introduced 23 new features to the application!  Log in to your Publicaster account to view the full list of the new features on the Dashboard.  We think you'll like what you see!

In our quest to keep our clients' email campaigns CAN-SPAM compliant, we are instituting a final requirement for emails. Starting today, all outgoing emails from Publicaster must include an Opt Out snippet to ensure compliance. Emails must include either the Global Opt Out, List Unsubscribe, or Subscriber Preferences snippets. For more information on this process, click here to view the documentation in the Publicaster Learning Center.

Major updates from the 4/8/10 release include:


  • The Opt-in Forms page now includes a column to show the most recent date that a subscriber signed up from that form.  If no subscribers have signed up since the release on 4/8/2010, "N/A" will appear.

Campaign Manager

  • You now have the option to send the winning distribution in an A/B split send as a metered send!  This way you can meter out the largest send in the A/B split, as you would with your regular distributions.
  • The Saved Send Details option is now integrated between the Send Now and Schedule Email options.  If you have saved your send details for either send type in the past, the details will be available to select for all when you send from either page.

Creative Manager

  • When selecting an email to edit in Email Manager, Publicaster will now show a warning if that email is currently scheduled to go out either from the Send/Schedule, Auto Response, or RSS to Email send types in Campaign Manager, or in a Notified or Double opt-in form.  This makes it easier than ever to prevent accidental changes from being made to emails that are in the queue to be sent.

List Manager

  • The Import/History page in List Manager now includes a button in the Import History to view role accounts that are not valid for import.  This includes email addresses that begin with things such as info@, sales@, or webmaster@.  These email addresses cannot be imported into Publicaster (per our Terms of Service) and this handy button provides a reference of the full list of invalid role accounts.
  • There are three new features related to segmentations in this release:
    • First, we have added a preview button in the Segmentation Manager, which lets you preview the top 50 email addresses that meet the segmentation criteria.
    • We have re-worked the Exclude Lists option a bit to streamline the page.  The Exclude Lists option will now be minimized on the page, and you'll just need to click the + button to expand it to see the full list of Mailing Lists that can be excluded. 
    • Lastly, for conditions based on date/time fields (such as DateCreated), you now have two new operators to select: Is Before Now and Is After Now.  These use the relative time of "now" to make it easy to make segments based on whether the date is before or after the current date and time.


  • You can now export the full list of subscribers who clicked various links from the Click Through Performance Report in a distribution report. 
  • When exporting any metric from a distribution report, the exported file will now contain the email name and the date/time of distribution, making it easy to identify files when exporting data from multiple distributions.

As always, we appreciate your feedback, so please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Best regards,
The Blue Sky Factory Team


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