Auto Response Campaign Basics

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Publicaster's Auto Response tool is a great way to create auto trigger campaigns for a variety of uses. This tool lets you set up a campaign once, activate it, and then it will do all the work of sending emails to subscribers in whichever time interval you choose, including increments as low as 15 minutes.

The two basic types of auto response campaigns are Time-Based and Behavior-Based campaigns.  Time-Based campaigns are the generic type, used for any campaign to send emails to subscribers in a time increment.  Welcome and drip campaigns fall under this category (more on those below).  Behavior-based campaigns are those which send emails to subscribers based on something they did with an email they received from Publicaster, such as opened or clicked.

The most basic type of auto response campaign is a welcome campaign, which will send a welcome email to new additions to a list.  To set up this type of campaign you just need to create a welcome email in the Email Manager, and then set up a Time-Based auto response campaign to send to new subscribers.  For instructions on setting up this type of campaign, click here.

You can also use the Time-Based campaign to create a drip campaign, which sends a series of emails to subscribers at regular intervals. This type of campaign requires that you set up each email in the series in Email Manager, as well as segmentations of the list in List Manager to target each group separately for each email in the series.  For instructions on setting up this type of campaign, click here.

The Behavior-Based campaign type can be used to auto-trigger an email to subscribers after they click a link in a previous email you've sent from your account.  This type campaign makes it quick and easy to follow up with subscribers to send another promotion or provide more information.  For instructions on setting up this type of campaign, click here.

These three basic campaign types only scratch the surface of the functionality of this tool.  The possibilities for automating emails to your subscribers are limited only by the information you have and your creativity.



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