Facebook Features: Are you using them all?

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There is a strong chance that, right now, one of your subscribers is reading one of your Publicaster emails while also logged into Facebook. These days, it seems everybody is on Facebook all the time. As Facebook has become more influential, we've developed a number of features that integrate Facebook with Publicaster, making sure that you can get every possible benefit from the most popular social media network in the world. You probably know about a few of these, but in case you missed one, here are all of our Facebook-related features in one spot:

Opting In: Opt-In Forms on Facebook profiles and Facebook Connect

Do you have an opt-in form on your Facebook Page? Do you have a Facebook Connect button on your Opt-in form?

You have long been able to include a Publicaster opt-in form right on your Facebook profile. This can be a very effective way of growing your list. To learn how to do this, check out this blog post, How to set up Facebook Pages for Email Signups.

Working in the other direction, our new Facebook Connect feature allows you to put a Facebook button on the Opt-in form on your website. The Facebook Connect button allows visitors to opt in and send you their info simply by clicking this button, without them having to type their email address or fill out a single field of your form.

Their email address and other information is taken right from their Facebook account and added to your list in Publicaster. The best part about this, other than all the new subscribers, is that it is super easy to implement. You just edit your opt-in form in Publicaster, check the new Facebook Connect checkbox on the third page of the form builder, and then select what data from Facebook you want in your list fields below. Click Finish at the bottom, and you've got your new form code with a working Facebook Connect button. To learn more and see it in action, check out the blog post, Build your subscriber base with Publicaster and Facebook Connect.

On your List: SocialSync

SocialSync is an incredibly powerful feature that takes your email list and turns it into a social media list. By looking up your subscribers across several major social networks and adding data to your list, it allows you to target your subscribers based on not only their membership to a social network, but also how many connections/friends/followers they have, not to mention the demographic information, like age, gender, and location, they might have shared. To learn more, check out the SocialSync Help Guide here in the Learning Center.

In your Email: Facebook Like and SWYN

Are you allowing subscribers to share your emails on Facebook? Do you have a Facebook Like button in your email?

The ability to include a Facebook Like button in your Publicaster emails is the newest thing here. We recently added this feature and it's as easy as putting the code snippet [~FacebookLike~] in your email wherever you want the Like button to show up. Probably the coolest part about this is that the button itself will change to allow subscribers to see how many of their Facebook Friends have liked the email. It starts out like this:

After someone has liked it, will look like this:

In the process of liking, the subscriber can see which of their friends liked it:

And, last but certainly not least, is SWYN, or Share With Your Network. This is a button or set of buttons that appear in your email and allow the subscriber to share your email as a post on their Facebook account, or on several other major social media networks. Once again, this is as easy as putting a code snippet in your email. The code snippet [~SocialMedia~] will show up in the sent email as:

Allowing the subscriber to click any of those buttons to share the email on that network. You can also just include each of these buttons separately with their own code snippets like [~Facebook~][~EndFacebook~], which allows you to put your own image or text in the center, or will produce the Facebook button if nothing is between them.

That's all for now, but Facebook is still growing and changing, so watch out for more Facebook features to come.

The Blue Sky Factory Team


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