February 2011 Publicaster Update

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A new Publicaster release was recently launched, and we introduced over 25 new features to the application! Check out this brief video with the top new features from the release. We think you'll like what you see!

Major updates from this release include:

  • Tweet This - Give your subscribers the option to tweet about your email, with a dynamic button in the email that counts the tweets in real-time!
  • Advanced A/B Split Testing - You can now test based on many variables other than opens and clicks, such as shares on social networks, forwards, and conversions.
  • Ad Hoc Reporting - Filter subscribers in distribution reports based on any field data that you have for them, such as domain or location. You can also filter based on behaviors, such as opens or clicks from prior sends.
  • New Integration Options - You can now channel subscriber data directly into your CRM with our new mapping tools.
  • Fans First - Publicaster now prioritizes your subscriber list based on engagement, so your best subscribers will get the email first.

Other features from this release, by section:

Overall Site

  • The folder selectors have been changed to make it easier to pick the item you want in the list. First click the drop-down, then open the folder, and then select the item (list, email, etc.) right in the same selector.

Campaign Manager

  • Saved Auto Response campaigns can now be edited to change the frequency and subject line.
  • You can now automatically include a table of contents section in emails sent through RSS to Email.

Creative Manager

  • Personalization is even easier to add to emails in Email Manager. Now all of the fields for every list in your account will load in the Insert Code Snippet button, eliminating the Personalization button that was previously used to get the list fields.
  • The Quick Test function will now convert the social media snippets into their respective images, allowing you to see a full preview of the look of the email in these tests. Note that the links still do not function; this is for display purposes only.

List Manager

  • You can now create segmentations based on any of the individual social media sharing links, such as Facebook or Twitter.


  • The contents of the Whitelist page have been updated to include new procedures and extra email programs. You can send subscribers a link to this page by inserting the Whitelist Instructions code snippet into your emails and landing pages.

As always, we appreciate your feedback, so please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Best regards,
The Blue Sky Factory Team


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