Gmail Update: Changes to image rendering might break your template

Posted by BSF / on 05/17/2010 / 0 Comments

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Last week Gmail made a big change that will affect the rendering of any HTML email with images.  Similar to a bug in Hotmail, this change will cause your carefully-crafted design to break when rendered in Gmail, with extra spaces inserted after images.

The good news is that the fix is very simple.  All you need to change in your template is to add a style to the image tags.  The styles must be added inline, as Gmail does not use non-inline styles (style sections in the top of the HTML document.)  For every image tag (img), add the following:


If you currently use the display:block function to align images next to one another within a table cell, you will need to separate the images into separate cells in the template, which will prevent them from stacking when rendered in Gmail.

One exception to this rule is when you are placing images and text together in a paragraph, with the text wrapped around the image.  In this instance you will not need to make a change to the image tag.

The Blue Sky Factory creative team will now be including the display:block style in all templates, in addition to updating the training templates that are found in the Select a Template drop-down in the editor.  If you have any questions about updating your own templates for this change, please email the support team at


Best regards,
The Blue Sky Factory Team


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