Google Analytics Tracking: Using it Everywhere?

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Anywhere in Publicaster that you can include a link, you can have Google Analytics (GA) tracking added to it automatically. This goes not only for emails, but for Landing Pages and Public Pages as well. If you have a GA enabled site and you include GA tracking on all your links in Publicaster, your GA account will show everyone who clicked-through these links and track what email or page they came from. There is even a special reporting section in Publicaster that can be linked to your Google Analytics account to show both Publicaster and Google Analytics reporting side by side.

In your Emails

You can have GA tracking added to all the links in your emails so that when your subscribers click through a link to your site, your Googler Analytics account will show that they came from that Publicaster email. To do this, you need to first enable this option in Administration > Account Preferences by expanding the Campaign Manager Settings, and checking the checkbox by "Show Google Analytics Options". Below that, you can decide whether the default title for the GA tracking will be the email name or the email subject. Then click Save Preferences at the bottom of the page.

Now, when you go to send an email from anywhere in the Campaign Manager, you will see a checkbox labeled "Add Google Analytics Tracking:". Once you check this, you have the option of choosing the tracking title. When you send the email with this enabled, Publicaster automatically adds the GA tracking to every link in the email, and your Google Analytics account takes care of the rest.

On your Public Pages

GA tracking can also be enabled on your Public Pages (such as the Opt Out page, the Subscriber Preferences page, and the Forward to Friend page) so that clicks on the links on these pages are shown in your Google Analytics account. To enable this, go to Administration > Account Preferences, expand the Public Page Manager section, and enter your GA account ID into the field labeled "Enable Google Analytics In Your Public Pages by pasting your account specific Google Analytics account ID here" and click Save Preferences at the bottom of the page.

For more information and instructional videos on how to enable these Google Analytics options in Account Preferences, take a look at the Setting Account Preferences page of the Help Guide.

On your Landing Pages

GA tracking can be enabled in your landing pages even more simply. When editing or creating a landing page in the Landing Page Manager section of the Creative Manager, check the checkbox labeled "Add Google Analytics To All Links." The tracking will be added to every link in the landing page.

For more information about desiging Landing Pages, take a look at the Landing Page Manager section of the Help Guide and view the Education Series webinar Build a Better Landing Page

In Reporting

You can integrate your Google Analytics reporting right into your Publicaster reporting by going to Reporting > Custom Reports and selecting "Google Analytics" on the left side. Click Enable, and follow the steps in Google to allow Publicaster to access your Google Analytics account. Once enabled, this page will show graphs mapping how traffic to your site and your Publicaster distributions coincide.

For more information and an instructional video, visit the Google Analytics Report section of the Help Guide.

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