Hotmail Update: Changes to table rendering might affect your template

Posted by BSF / on 08/09/2010 / 0 Comments

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 Broken (in Firefox 3.6)
 Fixed (in Firefox 3.6)

Hotmail recently made a change that will affect the rendering of any HTML email that uses a containing table set to 100% width. This will affect subscribers using browsers other than Internet Explorer, such as Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. Tables with a width of 100% are often used to center the content of your email in a larger table with a colored background, as we do with our Factory Direct emails (shown to the right). This change causes the 100% width of the outside table to be ignored, so the email is now set to the width of the largest defined table or image inside it. As a result, the background color of the email disappears and the alignment is pushed to the left.

Fortunately, this can be fixed very easily.  All you need to do to fix your template is to add in a short CSS reference at the top of the HTML of the email. The style that would need to be added is just:

<STYLE type=”text/css”>
{ width: 100%;}
{width: 100%;}

If you already have a style section at the top of your email, you would just need to add the following content to the existing style sheet:

{ width: 100%;}
{width: 100%;}

This style forces the width of the outer table to be recognized as 100%, restoring the intended background color and alignment.

The Blue Sky Factory creative team will now be including this in any template we produce that could be affected by this problem. If you have any questions about updating your own templates for this change, please email the support team at


Best regards,
The Blue Sky Factory Team


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