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For subscribers who may be viewing your emails on mobile devices, you can create a simpler version of your email called the Mobile Version. Some mobile devices are not able to render complex HTML emails very well, which can cause your email to look broken. The Mobile Version allows you to create a simpler version of your emails that you can link to from your regular emails, giving mobile device users the opportunity to view your email in a way that will good on their device.

To create a mobile version, just click the Mobile Version button above the editor when editing an email. On this page, you can create the text and essential elements of your email in a simple form, without the tables and large images that might be in your main HTML version. The Mobile version is still an HTML document rather than plain text, so you can have clickable links, regular code snippets, and images, but be careful not to put in large images that may not render well alongside text.

Be sure to put the View Mobile Version code snippet, [~ViewMobile~]View Mobile Version[~EndViewMobile~], toward the top of your regular HTML version and plain text version, so that your subscribers can click that link to view the Mobile Version.

For more information and an instructional video, visit the Editing the Plain Text and Mobile Versions section of the Help Guide.

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