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You may have noticed two new kinds of lists show up in Publicaster a few months ago. In addition to the original mailing lists, there are now hybrid lists and seed lists.

A mailing list consists of subscribers email addresses, as well as as many other fields you add. Two or more mailing lists can be combined to make a hybrid list of email addresses. Hybrid lists automatically eliminate any duplicates and are dynamic, so anyone added to or unsubscribed from the original mailing lists is instantly included in the hybrid list. This allows you to send one distribution to two or more lists at the same time without worrying about duplicates or having to set up separate distributions.  Since every list has a unique set of field data, hybrid lists can only contain email addresses and personalization other than the email address cannot be used in distributions to hybrid lists. To learn more about hybrid lists, click here.

A seed list is a list of email addresses that can be included in any mailing.  When setting up a distribution in the Campaign Manager, you can now choose to include a seed list, and those addresses will be included in the distribution along with whatever mailing list or segmentation the email is originally being sent to. This feature is like the opposite of a suppression list, which lets you pick a group of email addresses to remove from a mailing. Seed lists can be very useful for holding lists of staff addresses or others who need to receive different distributions, but aren't regular subscribers on those lists. Seed lists consist of email address only, so certain personalization variables and links such as the subscriber preferences link will not work in emails received by seed list members. To learn more about seed lists, click here.



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