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This month Blue Sky Factory is putting a new requirement into place.  Starting on February 3rd 2010, all emails that go out through Publicaster will require a physical mailing address code snippet to append your mailing address to emails. This requirement is to help you remember to include the mailing address in all emails, which is a requirement for CAN-SPAM compliance.

The address can include your company name, mailing address, email address, opt out or other Publicaster snippets, and any other custom content. The only required content is the physical mailing address.

This content must be created for both the HTML and plain-text versions of emails. The content that is specified in the HTML editor will be automatically added to the HTML version, and the content in the text version will be automatically added to the plain-text version of the email.

The mailing address can be placed anywhere in the HTML or text versions of the email, via a code snippet. The code snippet for the mailing address is called "Physical Mailing Address" and can be found in the Insert Code Snippet button on the editor.

For more information on this requirement, including instructions for implementing it in your account, click here.


Physical Mailing Address FAQ's

What is the purpose of the mailing address section?
  This section is used to create and store any physical mailing address that will be used in emails in the account. The mailing addresses can then be added to emails automatically to ensure CAN-SPAM compliance.
Do I have to specify a mailing address in this section? Can't I just add it directly to my email instead?
  Starting in February 2010, Blue Sky Factory is requiring that all users add at least one mailing address to this section to use in all emails for CAN-SPAM compliance. You must add at least one address to this section and add it to emails going forward.
What does the Business Name do?
  The Business Name is used to identify the mailing address on the Send/Schedule pages. Subscribers will not see this name.
What can I include in the mailing address?
  The only required content in a mailing address is your business mailing address. You can also include your company name, the URL to your company's website, a contact email address, opt out or other Publicaster snippets, etc. The HTML version can be formatted to include any HTML code and formatting and the text version can include just plain text.
How do I add the mailing address to my emails?
  The mailing address can be added to emails via the Physical Mailing Address code snippet. This snippet must be added to both the HTML and text version for the email to send.
How do I pick which mailing address to use on a distribution?
  The mailing address that will be inserted into the email is selected on the Send/Schedule page. Publicaster will insert the selected address in place of the Physical Mailing Address snippet in the HTML and text versions of the email.
How many mailing addresses can I store and use?
  You can store an unlimited number of different mailing addresses to use.
Do I need to add this to emails scheduled before February 3rd 2010, such as Auto Reponse Campaigns?
  No - emails scheduled prior to February 3rd will continue to go out without the snippet, including Auto Reponse Campaigns. All emails scheduled after February 3rd must have the snippet to be sent or scheduled.


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  • caroline says:

    even with the physical address in the bottom portion of the template, this snippet has to be added to the email as well? (thus having the physical address twice?)

    February 4, 2010 at 4:15 PM | Permalink

  • Jill says:

    I'm either doing something wrong, or this process doesn't work. I've added the email address under Administration, but it won't insert the code snippet.

    February 8, 2010 at 11:21 AM | Permalink


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