November 2010 Publicaster Update

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A new Publicaster release was recently launched, and we introduced over 50 new features to the application!  Log in to your Publicaster account to check out this list with all the changes from the release. We think you'll like what you see!

Major updates from this release include:


  • There are a number of new reports about your Publicaster account that you can sign up to receive. These include usage reports to show the details of distributions sent daily, weekly, or monthly; list summary reports to show the subscriber status counts for all lists on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis; and even a feature usage report to show you which features you did and didn't use in the last month. All of these features can be enabled in the Account Preferences page in Administration.

Campaign Manager

  • The A/B Split tool in Send/Schedule now has a feature to NOT automatically send the winning email in the test. This is great for marketers who would prefer to measure the test on their own without the system automating the winning email.
  • The Auto Response tool has two new features to make it easier to use. You can now clone time-based campaigns in this section, making it much quicker and easier to create a series of responses, such as a drip campaign. Additionally, you can now see the last send date of any active campaign in the tree on the left to show the last time each response ran at a glance.

Creative Manager

  • There are two new tools (both found in the More Tools button) in the Email Manager:
    • A link validator, which will check all the hyperlinks in the HTML, plain text, or mobile versions of your email to ensure that all work properly. This tool will tell you if a link is broken (going to an error page), if it redirects to another page (so you can check the redirect page), and it will even simulate adding Google Analytics tracking to the links, so you can ensure that they will all work with GA tracking enabled in the live send.
    • A calendar event scheduler, which lets you create a calendar event file (.ics) to insert as a link in your emails. This will allow subscribers with compatible programs (Outlook, Gmail, iCal, etc.) to be able to click a link to add your event to their calendar automatically.

List Manager

  • The Hybrid Lists have been expanded to include a few new options. You can now create Hybrid Seed and Hybrid Suppression lists to combine two or more seed or suppression lists to use in a mailing. Also, you can now edit any hybrid list to view or change the lists that are used in the hybrid. Note that lists last saved prior to today will not display the lists on this page until you re-save the list.
  • There are four new features in the Segmentation tool. First, you can now clone segmentation conditions, which makes it much easier to add many similar conditions at once. The clone button is found to the right of any condition. There are also three new types of behavioral conditions: Total Sent/Opened/Clicked (greater than or less than), Opened X or (less/more) emails in the last Y Days, and a condition to find subscribers who clicked a particular URL in ANY email sent from the account.


  • There is a brand new item in every folder tree in the application: the Trash icon. Moving items into this folder will automatically delete them (it runs a few times a day), which makes the process of deleting multiple items at a time much quicker.
  • All accounts now have a video button in the top right corner of the pages, next to the ? help button. This will link to a series of videos that pertain to tasks in that section (Administration, Email Manager, etc.) These videos can also be found within each help guide section in the Publicaster Learning Center, but these new buttons allow you to watch all at once with one click.


  • The Comparative Reports section has undergone two major changes in this release. You can now choose which metrics you want to display by clicking the checkboxes along the top. This will minimize issues with screen resolution and the size of the page, allowing you to only choose the metrics that you want to see displayed. There is also a new "Select Month" button that will let you pick a month as the time frame automatically.

As always, we appreciate your feedback, so please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Best regards,
The Blue Sky Factory Team


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