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The Publicaster opt-in form builder offers a few special features that you may not know about.  These include notification emails for new subscribers and for you, a re-direct to the Subscriber Preferences page, and hidden fields on the form itself.

When you use a Publicaster opt-in form, you have the ability to both receive a notification email when a subscriber signs up and also to send a notification email to the subscriber to confirm their subscription. A Notified Single or Double opt-in form type will allow you to specify the notification email that subscribers should receive after they sign up. Any form type allows you to specify an email address to send the notification to in the case of a new subscriber. For more information on setting up notifications in opt-in forms, click here.

When the new subscriber fills out the opt-in form and clicks submit, they are automatically directed to the thank you page that you've specified in Publicaster.  Instead of linking to a page on your site, you can choose to link them to the Subscriber Preferences page for the list they chose to subscribe to on the form.  This allows the new subscriber to update further information that was not included on the form.  The content of the Subscriber Preferences page can be customized in the Public Content button for that list, in the List Manager section.  For information on setting public content for a list, click here.

Publicaster opt-in forms can contain any data field that the source list contains so subscribers can fill out as much information as you require. The form builder allows you to specify different field types, such as text boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes, and hidden fields. A hidden field is one that is included in the code for the form, but does not appear on the form itself. When you implement the form on your site you can specify the value that is attributed to the hidden field and the subscriber will then have that value for that field in the list when they sign up on the form. One example of a good use for this is if you have the same sign-up form on multiple pages on your site. A hidden field can be added to show which page the new subscriber used to sign up, for your tracking purposes. For more information on creating opt-in forms, including adding hidden fields, click here.


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