Optimize Results with the A/B Split Test Tool

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Our A/B split test feature does all of the work of sampling and picking the winner for two or more variables, making it easier than ever to optimize your campaigns.  This handy tool allows you to make a portion of a list into a focus group, test multiple creatives or multiple subject lines to see which performs the best, and automatically send out the winning email to the rest of the list.

When testing two different subject lines, you can select the winner based on the most unique opens of the emails, and the winning email will be the one that resulted in the most opens. You can also choose to test two entirely different creatives against each other and select the winner based on which of the emails had the highest click performance. A/B split testing is a no-risk way to test the effectiveness of a new format for your email and to optimize your subject lines.

When performing an A/B split test, you also have the option of not sending out the winning email automatically, so you can determine the winner on your own or just run a test to a sample of your list. When setting up the A/B split test you will still need to pick how the winner is decided and a time frame. Once the A/B split has been scheduled, go into the Scheduled Emails tab, choose the appropriate campaign on the left, and you will see two scheduled distributions. The distributions to the sample group are listed as one, and the winning email will appear as another scheduled distribution. To not send the winner, just cancel the winning distribution.

To learn more about A/B split tests, click here.



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