Publicaster Education Series: Engage Readers Outside the Inbox

Posted by BSF / on 10/23/2009 / 0 Comments

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The latest session of the Publicaster Education Series was all about gaining readership and engagement outside of the inboxes of the subscribers on your list.  In the presentation we discussed using the Forward to a Friend link to spread the email to other inboxes, the new Social Media snippets that allow subscribers to share their emails in other websites, and the (coming soon!) feature of RSS to Email, which allows you to automatically send your blog feed to subscribers in emails.

We had an excellent question come up that was not covered in the presentation:

Q: When using the RSS, does the subject autofill with the blog title, or is it the same subject each time?

A: Currently the RSS to Email function will use the same subject line each time.  The subject line is specified within the campaign in the RSS section and can be changed at any time, however it will not automatically be customized based on the blog content.  This is a feature we are hoping to add in the near future, though!

To download the video of this presentation, click here.

To download the notes from the presentation, click here



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