Setting Up Subscriber Preferences

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You can allow your subscribers to edit their subscriptions and any of their personal information in Publicaster by making your lists, and the fields on them, public. This is a great way to gain more information about your subscribers, in addition to giving them the freedom to change their subscriptions.

To control your public content for a list, click the Public Content button on the List Summary or Subscriber Detail page of a list. By checking the box at the top that says, "Make this list public for Subscriber Preferences", the list and list description will be available on the Subscriber Preferences page with a check box next to it allowing them to subscribe or unsubscribe by checking or unchecking the box.

In the Public Content page you will also see all the fields on that list. To make these fields available for the subscriber to edit, check the boxes on the left side. You can also create friendly display names for the fields that let the subscriber know what information goes there. You can choose what type of field they use to input information (text box, drop-down list, checkbox, or radio-button). You even have the option to have these fields validated, either as an email address (which checks that what they entered into that field has a valid email format), or just make it required that they have something in that field to submit their changes. To learn more about setting public content, click here.

Once you've set the public content for your list(s), you just need to add the Subscriber Preferences code snippet to create the link to the preference center from emails. This small piece of text will turn into a link when sent out, and it can be inserted into the email via the Insert Code Snippet button in the editor.

There are also two other snippets that can be used in place of the Subscriber Preferences snippet if you prefer to not set up public content in the lists: The List Unsubscribe snippet and the Update Email Address snippet. The List Unsubscribe code snippet creates a link that allows a subscriber to unsubscribe from just that list. The Update Email code snippet creates a link that allows subscribers to edit just their email address. To learn more about preferences code snippets, click here.




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